Welcome to shellfire

On Shellfire, you will play the FPS MOBA game that you can do solo or with the team. Defeat your enemies, win all matches, and become a true champion.

Knowing the heroes

Get to know all the hero characters in Shellfire. Each hero has unique abilities and different roles, knowing all Shellfire heroes might help you set a strategy to win all shooting matches.

Choose your role

On Shellfire, you can play 4 roles with many heroes there. Let's explore the role!


Tank heroes specialize in protecting allies, disrupting enemies, and occupying the front line.


Attack heroes scout the area, harass the opposing team, and press the objective.


Defense heroes guard the locations, reate choke points, and establish a front.


Support heroes boost the overall performance of their team by healing, provide utility, and increasing their speed or damage

Game Modes

Enjoy battles with various game modes. Quick match for having fun and trying out all the hero abilities. And Ranked Match to prove your ability rank before all Shellfire players.

Quick Battle

A.I Battle

Custom Match

Solo Mode



5P Team in


Explore and feel the excitement of various game areas on the shellfire with various game modes. Each map has its own uniqueness in determining the battle flow.